Production tool


Located in a area of more than 2 hectares of storage area, the Global Packaging team “Pau Béarn” works in a building of 2500m2 which contains two production workshops.

A « grey room » was set up in the 1rst one for food production, with two injection blow moulding lines, each come to 1000u/hour. So nearly 12 000 000 pieces per year.

The 2nd one has :

  • an injection stretch  blow moulding line « big containers » which allow us to produce bottles from 10 to 20L and obviously the 5 gallons bottle. With an optimum production capacity of 120 units/hour, we can provide until 600 000 pieces per year.
  • An extrusion blow moulding line which can produce the 5 gallons bottles with handle. The optimum capacity of this line is 80 units/hour so more than 500 000 pieces per year.