Our commitments


Environmental and Societal Responsabililities. ESR

  • Societal

We would like to promote the integration of staff often excluded from work, as people with disabilities, seniors, parity between men and women…
In particular creating a professionalization program allowing this integration and while at the same time improving our knowledge and skills.
We also would like to improve working conditions with the TMS prevention and an ergonomist at work.
Very innovative concerning management, we work essentially on involvement and well-being at work.
Eric LAC, our President, considers that
«Even if working is necessary, it should not be painful. We have to feel well-being and pleasure, it is also a social network, a place to express yourself which offers the possibility to show and share your culture, your knowledge, your inventiveness for a shared project”.

  • Environmental

We work essentially on the life cycle of the materials we propose and we look for innovative solutions combining biodegradable or biosourced materials, competitiveness and low energy consumption.
Therefore we invest on 100% electric presses.

Innovation :

Because looking for the blue ocean is economically relevant, we commit ourselves to use our knowledge and our methodology to the benefit of your growth combining innovation and competitiveness.

Quality, service and Certification :

Beyond the ISO 9001 certification, we work on functional standards, safety specifications and other norms.
Our commitment has two aims :
> 0% of non-compliance
> a service level at 100%