Trend & Innovation


Global Packaging is at the center of your market trends, we would like to promote new directions allowing the development of your markets, and even the creation of new markets.

Our methodology is focused on several strong points :
> Technological watch,
> Market study and analysis of transversal applications.
> Listening to our customer requests or his market requests.
> Specification of identified needs.
> Technical analysis (PPS, technical team).
> Commercial and financial engineering.
> Design and prototypes
> Customer validation.
> Production launch.

Even if we work essentially from requests identified by our customers, sometimes we can start the researches upstream in order to create future innovations. In order to give you the best support we select some “specialist”partners, the best suited ones according to their competences on the subject studied (laboratories, PPS, designer).

Details of the specialists  :
PPS : association of the great south west plastic producers in France, the employee has a doctoral degree.
Design : Aquitaine designers federation. Mrs Dantoni.