Our values


  • "Innovation"

To be competitive you need strong bases, such as the best quality at a good price, but also innovation.
This innovation is valid only if it can allow you to create value, and if it corresponds to your market requests on a large scale from improvement to breakthrough innovation.
As your customers are the prospects of your competitors, we will help you to build an attractive offer, not only for your customers but also for your prospects or target markets.
Global Packaging keeps permanent watch on market and technology. However we are convinced that relevant innovation comes from listening to our customers’ needs.
Our experience in economic intelligence and our network of partners (PPS) will be at your disposal.
Because innovation in Global Packaging is not just technology, we work on different issues as innovative solutions to assess quality, improvement of the service level, human resources management in particular on involvement and well-being at work.

  • "Performance"

Beyond the performant industrial tool suitable for our markets, performance is related to an optimum level of,
> quest for efficiency
> involvement,
> training, skills, versatility,
> reactivity
of each employee in order to reach the only goal of customer satisfaction.

  • "Quality"

In our company quality has two aspects,

> customer satisfaction above all
We manage quality in order to reach 0% of «non-compliance»*
(*identified with the customer).
We keep on evaluating our service level, our commitment is to reach a rate between 98 and 100%.
For economic reasons of improvement of our performance and environmental involvement, we will evaluate our reject rate* to reach 0 (*non-compliance identified before shipment).

> long-term process
>> depends not only on a strong social sensitivity focused on well-being at work, in order to facilitate involvement and limit the absenteeism rate.
>> but also by a strong « taylorisme » action and standardization of the functions (or bureaucratization of the tasks) in order to compensate any default from production operators or administrative staff.
Because your activity has not to suffer because of an absence in your industrial partner staff.

From january 2015, Global Packaging starts certification process ISO 9001 version 2008 then 2015. We will have at our disposal a real “Quality” laboratory allowing us to comply with European directives concerned.

Compression test machine Shimadzu => functional verification
Drop test => functional verification
Dimensional control => market standard
Migration test and BPA presence => food certificate


  • "Environment"

The commitment of our social and environmental responsibility is especially strong in our team.
Therefore we keep on looking for adapted solutions as :
> investment on 100% electric material allowing until 40% of energy saving.
> Research and development on biosourced and agrosourced materials.
> Research and development on the materials life cycle.
> Waste management.
> Reusing and recycling of our material or products wastes at the end of their life.

  • "Passion"

Because our strategic vision, is written, because it is clear and ambitious, it is naturally stimulated by all our employees and generates involvement and passion.
It is the absolute commitment of all of us giving your best for your project.
We remain convinced that, for each situation there is an appropriate solution and we commit ourselves to do everything possible to satisfy you.